karen's approach to massage therapy

Karen spent 18 months training with and has graduated from the reputable Western School in Glasgow with a Diploma in Remedial & Sports Massage (DRSM) and a Diploma in Swedish Massage (DSM). Her greatest passion lies in remedial massage therapy, in other words, fixing people's aches and pains! 

With a young baby at home, Karen decided to train as a Relax and Sing Baby Massage & Yoga Instructor, completing a a Royal College of Midwives-accredited Instructors Training course in Edinburgh in 2015, qualifying her to run courses for parents and babies.

Having spent 8 years + working in office-based project management roles, effectively ruining her posture and muscular balance by sitting down all day, Karen decided to turn her career around and focus on massage therapy. Her philosophy is simple - "bodies are made for motion, not for stillness" . She has experienced first-hand how effective massage therapy can be in restoring and improving an individual's normal muscular function and tailors her treatments to each client's unique needs.